"The Place Where the Peace and Presence of God Abides!"


1. We are a Church of Love

2.  We are Committed and Consistent

3. We are Evangelists

4. We are a Family

5. We have a Spirit of Excellence

6. We are a Tithing Church

7. We are an Obedient Church

8. We are a Church of Character

9. We are a Spirit-filled Church

10. We are a Church that Praise and Worship

11. We are a Preaching and Teaching Church

12. We are a Church that Forgives

13. We are a Fasting and Praying Church

14. We are a Church of Faith

15. We are a Timely Church

16. We are a Church that Takes Authority over the Spirit of Distraction

17. We are a Church that is "Greater!"


At Greater Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, we preach the truth as revealed in Scripture, and bear witness to Jesus Christ, who is "the Way, the Truth, and the Life."


We believe all people are of sacred worth and created in the image of God. We also believe that we are all sinners in need of grace, found only in the person of Jesus Christ. 


Our goal is to connect people to Jesus Christ through a community of believers that will love them, encourage them, and challenge them to grow deeper in their faith. 

History of the Church

The Greater Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, formerly known as Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, was organized in 1893. It was established as an offspring of the Hopewell Baptist Church. The organizers were Walsh Jackson, Jeff Dunn, Phyllis Lewis, and Jordan Graham.

The first building was located where the Colvin Memorial stands presently. In 1920, the location was moved to a site near the Pleasant Grove cemetery.

The current site was originally the Pleasant Grove School. However, when the schools were integrated in the 1960's, the building and property, through a previous agreement, became the property of the church. After warning off attempts by parties interested in clearing the site for a golf course, the building was renovated and became the new home of the Church in the 1970's, through the efforts of John Willie Jenkins, Calvin Powell, Murphy Gray, Robert Powell, and others.