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Church Services

These are recordings of the full-service proceedings at Greater Pleasant Grove Baptist Church.

The Spoken Word

A collection of sermons delivered by various ministers and pastors.

Bible Study

Recordings of our Midweek Services.

Special Occasions

All videos here are of various special occasions taking place at our church. Such as Choir Anniversary, Church Anniversary, Homecoming, and more..

Musical Selections

As Performed by the GPGBC Mass Choir.

Praise Dances

Praise Dances Performed by Bro. Ja'Quavion Aubrey .


In The Book of James

In the book of James, Christians learn more about their faith and how to have faith through times of adversity. The author also provides ways that we can become better practicers of our Christian faith.

Spiritual Warfare 101: Preparing for Battle

Prepare yourselves, Saints, Spiritual Warfare is real and the enemy will always try to win. Remember, from where does your help come from? The Lord!

The Power of Giving Thanks

The Wonderful Power of Giving Thanks

God's Lost and Found Department

The Lost Sheep, The Lost Silver, The Lost Son, The Lost Sibling

Seven Deadly Sins

There are Seven Deadly Sins; Pride, Greed, Envy, Gluttony, Anger, Lust, and Sloth. According to Christian tradition, the Seven Deadly Sins are sins that can never be forgiven. However, according to the word of God in the Bible, these sins ARE forgivable, but this doesn't give us a license to commit these sins.

Finishing Strong

Finishing Strong and Finishing Well.

The Foundation of Repentance

In this series, you will learn how to deal with sin in your lives, laying the foundation for repentance.